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Free Business & Advertising Assessment Questionnaire

Thank you for inquiring about our FREE business and advertising assessment. Please complete the following questionnaire. We will study your answers and get right back to you with the assessment and our recommendations.

1. Is your business
Home or small office
Showroom store
Monthly Rent $
A portion of rent should be considered advertising expense if it generates appointments
Appointments generated by showroom traffic
Less than 25%
25% to 50%
50% to 75%
75% to 100%
2. What is your current yearly sales volume? $
3. What is your sales goal for next year? $
4. How much do you currently spend yearly on advertising $
5. What are the two or three top media that you currently use?
Media 1 Satisfied     Unsatisfied     Very Unsatisfied
Media 2 Satisfied     Unsatisfied     Very Unsatisfied
Media 3 Satisfied     Unsatisfied     Very Unsatisfied
6. What is your goal regarding advertising?
Reduce advertising, hope for same sales
Advertise the same, keep sales the same
Increase advertising and increase sales

Company Name
First Name
Last Name

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