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Bruce Heyman
Fabricland Interiors / Nassaus Window Fashions
New Jersey


One of the largest custom drapery retailers in America, Fabricland / Nassaus features quality custom draperues based on quality and professionalism. With a marketing budget in the six figure range, Bruce Heyman, owner, was among the first to embrace E-mail marketing as an affordable and effective way to promote. Customer for:

  • E-Mail, now with a list numbering in the thousands
  • Sales Training
  • NameBank Vault MIS (Management Information System)
  • Decorator and Installer online Calendar-Scheduling

Bruce on NameBank Vault MIS:

I am very pleased with the new decorator database program you have provided for us. We finally have a way to track our leads! Within the first month it showed us which of our advertising dollars were working. Not only do we know where leads are coming from, but we can track the success (closing rates and average ticket) of each lead by decorator, by lead source and by town.

John Wanamaker's famous quote was "half our advertising dollars are a waste - but we don't know which half". Mr. Wanamaker would love to see this program, because it is beginning to solve the mystery of advertising!

Bruce on E-Mail marketing and follow-up:
4 Immediate, 6 follow-on Responses!

"Immediately after the e-mail was sent, I received 4 phone calls requesting our sale flyer. I also received 6 e-mail requests for flyers.

Remember that all these customers should have received one in the mail, so I only heard from those whose mail service did not deliver. We will be using e-mail this fall for some heavy discount promotions and will keep you up to date on the success".