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Executive Administrator System.

Perfect for a team of 6 to 20+ decorators
Sales from $1.5 to $5 Million+

Executive Administrator System.

One time Set Up - $5,950
Monthly fee $295
Up to 12 decorator databases and

Features and Benefits

This is our most powerful system. You receive all the benefits of the SalesManager Marketing System, plus you will be the system Administrator with power to create full customization - lead source names, named groups, product designations - all under your control to adapt to your specific company needs. You can set up your own decorator databases, set and change passwords, and have the total control you need for a business your size.

But, after all the technical gee-whiz, what really counts is that this is a system unlike any other in America to help you improve sales, manage your decorators, and track your advertising for top performance at minimum cost. As an owner, not a technician, what you want is to know that the system is SIMPLE. The day to day use takes minutes to learn, not hours and days. The tough stuff, we will do for you, initially and ongoing. You will be backed up, not only by technology, but by our knowledge of the window covering business to help you grow. Set your mind on your goals, then put technology to work to achieve them!

How the Exec Management System
Makes Money for you

It's simple! You boost repeat and referral customers with your website and eNewsletter. Result: Higher sales from the same number of leads! And these are better sales with better profit margins. Next, you track sales performance to objectively measure each salesperson. Now, you can promptly reward top performers, coach the coachable, and weed out non-performers. For the first time, you have facts and tools to bring out the best in your sales team. You will quickly see potential to increase sales WITHOUT increasing advertising.

Next, you save money by getting the most from every advertising dollar. Chances are, your advertising effectiveness can be improved 20%! You will soon expect the same sales for fewer dollars, or more sales with the same dollars!

Executive Management at its Best

To sum up, you can expect more sales, higher profit margins, and better advertising results. You can expect more efficiency and better company-wide information when it comes to scheduling decorators and installers. Sales, profit margins, efficiency - that's what Executive management is all about! You've always had the talent; you just didn't have the tools. At last, you can follow the money and be the professional executive you always wanted to be.

Websites for your company and your decorators

Your company website attracts new customers and pre-sells homeowner appointments!
It is your online "brochure" 24 / 7 / 365.

Your Company Featured inYour Own Professional Website

We provide you a new company website or link to your existing website. If you have your own domain name we will host it for you for only a small added charge. At no charge, we will set up links to each of your decorators / window specialists.

Over 12 pages of products and services will reflect your own company image. A customer photo gallery and other special pages can be created for your store alone - all professional, all at affordable cost!

Each Decorator FeaturedOn a Personal Website

Each decorator on your team has unique qualifications and experience. Big ticket sales and top sales perfor-mance only happen when decorators build relationships that lead to direct call backs and customer referrals to friends.

Let your customer show 'n tell her friends how great YOUR decorator is. There's no better way than sending them to your decorator's personal website! Naturally, your business story is featured with your satisfaction assurance and customer service philosophy.

eNewsletter - "MyHome News" for information and promotion

MyHome News, YOUR eNewsletter!

Your lowest cost, most effective advertising ever!

With newspaper costs up, circulation down, and effectiveness the worst since you started business, it's time to get a jump on competition with affordable, relationship building reminders. Build your database of customers, prospects, and referral sources. Every month they receive your message at no added cost to you!

Every edition of MyHome News is personally addressed to your customer, customized with your business name, phone and location. The stories are interesting and graphics appealing. Makes you look like the professional you are.

Management Information System, custom designed for your Window Covering business!

Want MORE sales from the SAME leads?

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it!"

The BEST way to improve sales is to improve decorator sales performance! There are only three ways to build sales higher: Go on more appointments, improve closing ratio, and improve average size of sale. Now, you can track, benchmark, and improve each important factor.

If you want to improve sales,Track critical factors leading to sales!

Want BETTER leads from the SAME advertising?

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it!"

The BEST way to improve advertising effectiveness is to track where your sales come from! Not just the LEADS you get from each advertising source, but what happens with those leads. Try to imagine knowing your closing ratio by lead source! Now imagine knowing the average size of sale by lead source! You will have it all with your Executive system. And you have it for multiple stores.

If you want to improve advertising results,Track critical factors from your advertising!

Want better SCHEDULING for decorators and installers?

Everyone authorized person with a computer can see decorator and installer schedules!

No more single book at an inconvenient location. No more calling to ask about schedules. See the schedule book for yourself - from any Internet computer anywhere! Now, will you believe this? When you set a lead it AUTOMATICALLY goes into the decorator's database! She receives an e-mail or fax to confirm the appointment! It is all done for you!

If you want to improve sales,Track critical factors leading to sales!

Choose from Classic or Extended View for your Calendar - Scheduling

Classic view shown in this image. Ideal for up to about six decorators. For up to 30 or more, use our innovative Extended View shown above

If you want to make scheduling EASY, just try our innovative solutions for YOUR team!

Technical Specifications

The full capability of your system will be emerge over months to come. If you love detail, please e-mail us for the full range of capability this program has to offer. You can also be assured that redundancy, multiple back ups, and an off-shore "mirror site" (read only) is refreshed every morning at 5:00 a.m. If there is ever an ISP problem or national melt down in the U.S., your system may well be available with all your data for immediate access, thanks to our overseas system.

No hidden Costs!

Your monthly fee includes hosting, technical support and continuous upgrades and improvements; your monthly fee also includes a professional E-mail Newsletter. We write it and edit for you and provide eye catching graphics and layout. Your eNewsletter is sent personally addressed to customers, under the name of each decorating specialist to their own database of customers and friends! No added costs - ever!