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Steven C. Bursten

A trend-spotting entrepreneur, author, and columnist, Steven C. Bursten was among the first in franchising to build a high volume, in-home service business. In 1969 he founded Decorating Den Systems, Inc., an international interior decorating franchise, building it to over 150 units before selling it to the present owners. Mr. Bursten retired from Decorating Den in 1998.

In 1995 Mr. Bursten began using the Internet, and by 1998 realized the potential to provide homeowners better shopping information. With awareness of franchise and retail service business marketing needs, Mr. Bursten developed The NameBank Vault Database System for customer follow up management and MIS (Management Information Systems). Soon after he developed the CustomerTouch Marketing System for integrated websites and e-mail newsletters. These systems were originated and copyrighted by Mr. Bursten, and earned national recognition at a recent b3 technology conference on computer networking and Internet applications.

Robert Harrison
Vice President of Technology

Mr. Harrison is a licensed attorney, college professor, and computer wizard. He has developed multiple database and computer application systems for the U.S. Government and private industry, including Exxon / Mobil oil. Mr. Harrison joined custEmers.com recently as a shareholder, director, and officer.

Mr. Harrison designed the advanced versions of the CustomerTouch Marketing System and continues to oversee major technology issues, assuring custEmers.com leadership in the technology field. For recreation, Mr. Harrison is a world traveler, skiing enthusiast, and fencing instructor.

Valerie Bursten

Valerie Bursten is active in executive meetings and strategic planning sessions. As co-founder of Decorating Den Systems, Inc., Mrs. Bursten operated one of the early franchises and was instrumental in developing "Lifestyle Decorating" Schools and training programs. She has served in franchise executive positions from sales to operations, achieving recruiting and development sales records rarely equaled in franchising. An early advocate of women's potential, Mrs. Bursten held executive responsibilities while raising two boys, years before the trend was established.

Valerie Bursten is interested in fashion, art, and art history. She is an active volunteer as a Docent for the Hirshhorn Museum, a Smithsonian Institution in the nation's capital.

Leonard Casey
Strategic Marketing

A good friend and leading marketing expert, Len Casey originated the strategic concepts for targeting high quality consumers that ultimately led to Neighborhood Development and Favorite Customer Marketing systems in window covering and decorating. As an educator, corporate executive, entrepreneur and global leader, Len received his MBA and taught at Florida Atlantic University.

Len started a rewarding career with the DuPont Company in 1972, where he directed the Teflon/Silverstone and Corian businesses. Under his worldwide leadership, their growth in sales and earnings resulted in earning the DuPont Corporate Marketing Excellence Award for each business, the only executive to receive two such awards.

With her own window covering business, Barbara understands your business and needs. An avid user of CustomerTouch Marketing, Barbara has become, what we believe to be, the most successful Email collector in the industry - over 6000 prospect addresses! Ask Barbara her secrets - and be sure to read her informative messages!

Barbara and husband, Dale, along with three children, live in Hart, Michigan, a coastal community above Muskegon. Besides her passion for E-mail, Barbara enjoys writing, reading, music, and loves to travel. One day she wants to take up flower gardening and get back into horseback riding.

Robert Connelly
"Creative Guy"
Advertising and Marketing Services

Robert Connelly has an expansive experiential background, both technically and geographically. His twenty-two plus years in the field of Advertising / PR have taken him around the world twice, while helping to develop new and existing companies and product brands along the way. Robert's ability to become a functional partner in his clients' businesses has gained him global recognition and awards for his work with major advertising agencies and clients alike.

From his studio on the west coast, Robert supervises custEmers.com communications, both intra-company and external, with an eye toward our common goal... superior marketing and sales success. He also writes, designs and executes our custom e-Newsletters, and creates the design formats for your personal custEmers.com website.

Mark Mills
E-mail and Website Technician

Mark is the person responsible for sending all those delightful eNewsletters first to you as a preview, and then to your client, under your name! Having grown up in his parents window covering business, one of the largest in New Hampshire, Mark understands selling, installing, and the entire business.

Falling in love with technology and websites years ago, Mark has great fun as our resident expert for our eMM (eMail Machine) a custom program developed exclusively by custEmers.com.

Mary Lee J. Peterson
Operations Manager

Bringing with her 16 years of experience as a senior grants administrator at a large university, Mary Lee manages administrative functions and new subscriber set up.

In her "other" life, Mary Lee is an expert wedding planner, a gourmet cook, specializing in Northern Italian cuisine, an avid gardener, and a musician with a special interest in early choral music. She and her husband of 37 years enjoy American art pottery from the Arts & Crafts era. They have two married children, and are devoted to their West Highland White Terrier, Chip.

Carla Moure
Executive Assistant

Carla Moure assists in publications preparation, and a variety of administrative, legal, and marketing functions Her previous experience as a Policy Analyst for the United States Food and Drug Administration gives Carla perfect preparation for her duties.

At home, Carla pursues her personal passions for art, travel, and cooking. (Her Rockfish a la Ferezana is legendary!). Carla also has served as volunteer Director of the Clover Cultural Center in her Eastern Shore Maryland home of Denton.