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So your Growing Personal Business
needs a little boost to go to the next levelů


That's where custEmers.com will help.

With just you and maybe one or two employees, you've done well to reach about $100,000 to $500,000 is sales. But how do you use available resources to push that bar even higher? Do you really feel like you can work that much harder?

If your goal is to GROW!

With only an administrative assistant and a part time installer, you can achieve the "Sweet Spot" of profitability in a window coverings business - sales of about $300 - $500,000. That's where you'll find the MONEY. Your first need is to get control. If you are doing everything yourself, add an administrative assistant. Improve Gross Profit. With your excellent reputation and strong following, now is the time to build your margins.

Target quality appointments, then maximize your profit potential with quality repeat and referral sales. Finally, improve selling technique. You are already doing a great job intuitively. But with competition, and customers wanting estimates, a structured selling system can add thousands of dollars MORE money from your customers and friends they refer. Yes, you can do it! Yes, we can show you how!

Solutions to Improve PROFITABILITY
For Growing Business Owners

CustomerTouch Marketing System

Discover how your own customized website you can tell your own special story. You can build credibility and become a "business celebrity" in your community. Next, we'll send your customers an E-Mail newsletter that reflects your professionalism. It will remind your "Favorite Customers" to buy from you again, and refer you to others. Learn More.

Personal Business Coaching

At your level, you already know the window covering business. Your next challenge is to maximize your personal money potential. You want to target high potential customers, hire good staff, track advertising results, and control your business. We can guide you, point the way, provide you the tools, technology, and techniques to grow as far as your dreams and your desire can imagine. Learn More.