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CustomerTouch Marketing - Level 2
SalesManager System

Perfect for Annual Sales from $500,000 to $1.5 Million
Up to 5 Sales Consultants, 3 Installers

Set Up $3.450                Monthly fee $499
Up to 5 Sales Consultants, then $29 each

Your Company Featured in Your Own Professional
Website, Or Link to Your Corporate Website
Each Decorator Featured On
A Personal Website

MyHome News, YOUR eNewsletter! More Sales from the Same Appointments

"Increase repeat sales and customer referrals"

With newspaper costs up, circulation down, and results the worst since you started business, get a jump on competition with affordable, relationship building reminders. Build your database of customers, prospects, and referral sources. Every month they receive your message at no added cost to you!

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it!"

The BEST way to improve sales is to improve decorator sales performance! There are only three ways to build sales higher: Go on more appointments, improve closing ratio, and improve average size of sale. Now, you can track, benchmark, and improve each important factor.

Company Website, Sales Consultant Website
eNewsletter personalized to your customer
Company Management Database

Sales Consultant Personal Database, Executive CRM Level

You receive a company website and a personal website for each of your decorators! All of your customers receive a monthly edition of "MyHome News", your online eNewsletter. Each decorating specialist receives her or his own customer contact management system! Now they can follow up easily and efficiently, to get more sales!

As sales manager, you receive summary sales performance reports to set benchmarks for each of your sales people. Now, finally, you have what you need to coach them to success! You also receive complete lead tracking on advertised leads, including which media results in the most appointments, the highest closing ratios, AND the best average customer sale.

No Hidden costs

Your monthly fee includes hosting, technical support and continuous upgrades and improvements; your monthly fee also includes a professional E-mail Newsletter. We write it and edit for you and provide eye catching graphics and layout. Your eNewsletter is sent personally addressed to customers, under the name of each decorating specialist to their own database of customers and friends! No added costs - ever!

How the SalesManager Marketing System
Makes Money for you

It's simple! You boost repeat and referral customers with your website and eNewsletter. Result: Higher sales from the same number of leads! And these are better sales with better profit margins. Next, you track sales performance to objectively measure each salesperson. Now, you promptly reward top performers, coach the coachable, and weed out non-performers. For the first time, you have facts and tools to bring out the best in your sales team. You will quickly see potential to increase sales WITHOUT increasing advertising.

Next, you save money by getting the most from every advertising dollar. Chances are, your advertising effectiveness can be improved 20%! You will soon expect the same sales for fewer dollars, or more sales with the same dollars!

To sum up, you can expect more sales, higher profit margins, and better advertising results. That's what sales management is all about! You've always had the talent; you just didn't have the tools. At last, you can follow the money and be the professional sales manager you always wanted to be.

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