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Training by custEmers.com

Introduction, Programs, and Pricing

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Favorite Customer Marketing


We are proud to be invited as featured speakers to major industry organizations and events including the International Window Coverings Expo in Baltimore, the Custom Home Furnishings event in Greenville, and the summer of 2003, to join with Cheryl Strickland's Traveling Schools in cities from Atlanta to Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, and more. For a complete schedule, please visit Cheryl's website. Just click the link above.

In addition we have worked with several WCAA chapter groups with marketing and sales training events to foster membership growth and chapter spirit. If your chapter or industry organization is looking for a speaker to provide members useful information to build their business, manage it to higher profitability, or close sales more reliably, please be in touch with us at training@custEmers.com


We provide three primary training programs:

  1. Marketing. The purpose of marketing training is to assure a reliable flow of quality appointments within an affordable budget.

    "Favorite Customer Marketing" is our signature program. Emphasis is on how to build better business through increased repeat and referral sales. Particular focus is on how to use your website to build credibility and referrals. A second part is database marketing and customer follow up. Enlightened marketing begins with a customer list. We tell you how much to budget, and what to do with it.
  2. Selling. The purpose of selling is to maximize the potential from every appointment, immediate and long term.

    "Favorite Customer Selling" is about the power of relationship building. Today sales people are in a hurry. They brag about going on five appointments a day. Yet, facts prove that 25 to 35 appointments per month are the outside optimum for any sales person. We train a numbers based system that measures performance and benchmarks. But the foundation philosophy is to "Make a Friend" - and keep them for a lifetime.
  3. Management. The purpose of management is to optimize net profit and achieve the full business potential the owner desires to achieve.

    There are only three ways to increase net profits for a Shop-At-Home business: Higher sales; Increased Gross Profit Margin; or Reduced Expenses. After sales commissions, advertising is often the highest expense in the business. Knowing how to budget advertising and what to expect in numeric terms is a cornerstone of management training. Yet, it all comes back to organizational structure and people. The difference between a truly outstanding manager who reaches the highest levels of profitable growth is always in the ability to attract, motivate, and retain good people.

Future Programs

For the first time we see a genuine need in our industry for managers to learn sales management. Recruiting, training, and managing sales people is the final requirement for any manager to grow. We are exploring the readiness of our industry to support an advanced school on this subject.

Internet and technology are emerging at a faster pace than ever. We are still bound to a desk top with constant new disks to upgrade, and the tragedy of lost data in event of computer failure. The Internet is solving these problems. The only thing holding it back is universal, easy access. That issue will be resolved by 2005 with increasing numbers of wireless "hot-spots". How to maximize the potential of the Internet for managing off-premise employees and contractors is an entire new area of management need.


As our training is primarily through other organizations, pricing is based on their policies and may vary from under $50 for 20 attendees in a two hour introductory program, to over $200 per attendee for a select group in an all day event. Advanced management programs for a small number of leaders with a minimum of $1.5 Million a year sales are future planned in the range of $500 to $1000 per person.

Custom training and advisory service are available only to our technology clients. This is an ongoing, contractual arrangement, accountable to achieve measurable performance results, or there is no charge for our service. Please contact us if you are interested to achieve the full potential of your own window coverings or home products business. exec.services@custEmers.com